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Adoption & Foster-Adopt Course - $99

What’s Included?

Here’s a breakdown of all that you get!

Adoption & Foster-Adopt Course

 1. Mentally Preparing For Your Adoption / Foster Journey

 2. Terminology You Should Know

3. Adoption Overview Video

4. Fostering Older Youth Video

5. Adoption & Foster Care Books

6. Different Adoption Paths

7. Intercountry Adoption

8. All About Open Adoption

9. Adoption Path Timelines

10. Cost of Adoption Paths

11. Adoption Grants

12. LGBTQ+ Affirming Family-Building Partners

13. The Home Study Process

14. Matching with a Birth Family

15. Finalizing Your Adoption

16. What Can Go Wrong During an Adoption Journey

17. What’s Next?

Match with Gay Dad Mentors

Having a support network during your journey to fatherhood is critical. That is why we have created the GWK Gay Dad Mentor program. Through GWK Academy you will get the opportunity to be matched with mentors who have recently completed their own journeys. We will match you with dads whos journey was similar to your own.

Connect with Vetted Family-Building Partners

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on your adoption or foster-adopt journey is choosing your family-building partners. From a quick Google search, you will soon realize there are hundreds of options and finding one that is right for you can feel like an impossible challenge. That is why we have teamed up with a select few family-building partners to provide you with a direct line to some of the industry’s leading professionals. You can be rest assured that every partner we work with is not only the best in the business but shares our passion for LGBTQ+ family building.

"I’ve completed GWK Academy’s Adoption/Foster courses, as well as their Surrogacy & IVF courses. [GWK Academy] is exactly what I was hoping it would be, and honestly, more!
Researching agencies that support gay men, and single ones at that, has not always been the most straightforward journey. GWK Academy has really become a one-stop resource for me.

Not only are the courses great, but they’ve connected me with mentors who’ve gone through similar journeys that I’m about to embark upon. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their experiences, and providing their thoughts and recommendations. Hearing their stories have helped me confirm for myself the path that I want to take, and has helped me see a clearer path forward."

GWK Academy Adoption & Foster-Adopt Enrollee

Our Exclusive Network of Family-Building Partners