GWK Academy

Why Should I Get Coaching?

Meet GWK Academy's Head Coach, Brian!

Hi, here are a few things I’d like you to know about me:

  • I’m absolutely passionate about helping gay and queer men like you realize your dreams of fatherhood. My favorite part of the work day? Coaching sessions with new dads-to-be.

  • While we created GWK Academy to be self-sufficient, I believe in personalized customer service. So if you have any burning questions or you’re just feeling overwhelmed,  please set up a coaching call with me. I can definitely break things down for you in a way that should ease the burden or your concerns, and I likely have answers to all your questions. But even if I don’t, I have a vest network of experts to call upon.

  • I am comfortable wearing lots of different hats. I can be a sounding board for important decisions, a trusted guide along the milestones of your journey, or your greatest cheerleader. Whatever works best for you will be great for me!

Please note that coaching sessions are 30-minute video calls and cost $75.

To get started, please schedule a time slot in my calendar below.

"Brian Rosenberg & GWK Academy have been a tremendous help and exceptional guide to me and my husband in our pursuit to expand our family. GWK has truly been such a help in every way. The constant support and communication to answer any questions we have had, point us in the right direction, and simply be there has brought us a level of peace we weren't able to find anywhere else. We felt heard and safe with GWK being an outlet for the LGTBQIA+ community. We highly recommend for anyone looking for a place to start the process of expanding your family in any way to start here with GWK!

GWK Academy Enrollee