GWK Academy

Surrogacy & IVF Course - $99

What’s Included?

Here’s a breakdown of all that you get!

Surrogacy & IVF Lessons

 1. Surrogacy: What is it, How Much, and How Long?

 2. Terminology You Should Know

 3. Mentally Preparing For Your Journey

 4. How Does IVF Work?

 5. The Role of Your Surrogacy Agency

6. All About Egg Donors

7. All About Surrogates

 8. The Costs of Surrogacy & IVF

 9. How to Fund Your Surrogacy Journey

 10. Building Your Surrogacy Team, Part 1

 11. Building Your Surrogacy Team, Part 2

 12. Essential Questions to Ask Prospective Family-Building Partners

 13. Building Resiliency: Preparing for Anything That Can Go Wrong

 14. What’s Next?

Surrogacy & IVF Legal Guide

1. Meet our Surrogacy Law Experts

2. The IVF Clinic

3. Egg Donor Agreements

4. Matching with a Surrogate

5. Surrogacy Agreement

6. Surrogacy Costs

7. Establishing Your Legal Parental Rights

8. Additional Legal Considerations

9. Surrogacy After Roe v. Wade

Surrogacy & IVF Insurance Guide

1. Welcome to the Surrogacy Insurance Guide

2. Egg Donor Complications Insurance

3. Surrogate IVF Complications Insurance

4. Surrogate Life Insurance

5. Surrogate Disability Insurance

6. Surrogate Maternity Insurance

7. Newborn Insurance for US-based Intended Dads

8. Newborn Insurance for non-US-based Intended Dads

9. About International Fertility Insurance

Match with Gay Dad Mentors

Having a support network during your journey to fatherhood is critical. That is why we have created the GWK Gay Dad Mentor program. Through GWK Academy you will get the opportunity to be matched with mentors who have recently completed their own journies. We will match you with dads whos journey was similar to your own.

Connect with Vetted Family-Building Partners

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on your surrogacy journey is choosing your family-building partners. From a quick Google search, you will soon realize there are hundreds of surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics, and other family-building experts and finding one that is right for you can feel like an impossible challenge. That is why we have teamed up with a select few family-building partners to provide you with a direct line to some of the industry’s leading professionals. You can be rest assured that every partner we work with is not only the best in the business but shares our passion for LGBTQ+ family building.

"My husband and I entered the GWK academy because there is not a lot of information for gay couples that are trying to pursue surrogacy. GWK Academy allowed for one-stop shop to be able to collect information. Additionally, you can go through the information at your own pace as to not get overwhelmed.

Brian was able to connect us with multiple resources to help us through our journey. He was readily available to assist with any questions we had. You can tell that he truly cares and will do anything within his power to assist us in the parenthood journey. We are so grateful to GWK for assisting us and continuing to assist us through this process."

GWK Academy Surrogacy Enrollee

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